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Submersible/Immersible Pump Motors

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We offer submersible motors for both wet & dry pit applications. Wet pit motors use the effluent for cooling and can run 15 minutes in air. Dry pit motors are designed to run continuously in air or submerged.


  • All cast-iron construction
  • 416 stainless steel shafts
  • Dual carbon ceramic mechanical seals
  • 2 NC thermostats and 25 feet of cable are standard
  • Dual moisture sensing probes
  • 1.15 SF
  • UL listed motors are Division 1, Class I, group C&D
  • T3C temp code
  • 5 year pro-rated warranty
  • Inverter-Duty for 10:1 variable torque in Division 1, Class I, Group C&D, with T2A temp code

Modifications and accessories

  • Class H Insulation system
  • Inner and outer seal options
  • Special shaft material available 
  • One size smaller shaft and flange
  • Special paint
  • Cable lengths up to 100ft (any longer would require engineering approval)
  • Water jacket design (to reduce frame size requirement)

Common industries

  • Municipal and industrial waste water.

Common applications

  • Slurry pumps
  • Aerators
  • Mixers