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Reliance Duty Master Navy Motors

When captain and crew ship out to sea, their trust in their vessel is absolute. The safe, reliable performance of Navy motors and generators is critical to the success of every mission. In fact, our motors have played a significant role in some of the most challenging U.S. Navy exploits in recent history. The ABB commitment to consistent, predictable quality shows in everything we do. Our Duty Master AC Navy motors are manufactured under ISO-9001 certification to meet the stringent requirements of MIL-I-45208A. At ABB, we understand that your extraordinary performance depends, in part, on the dependability of ours. We are proud to accept that challenge.


  • 1/5 – 500 Hp (0.15 – 373kW)
  • Compliance with the highest performance standards
    • MIL-I-45208 inspection
    • MIL-M-17059 Fractional Hp AC motors
    • MIL-M-17060 integral Hp AC motors
    • MIL-DTL-17060 integral Hp AC motors
    • MIL-P-17840 pumps
    • MIL-F-18953 fans
  • Navy-approved sealed insulation system per MIL-STD-2037
  • Navy service A motors have MIL-S-901 certifications that are individually obtained, capable of resisting the shock loads encountered under enemy attack.
  • Navy service C motors are for applications non-essential to combat effectiveness of the ship.

Common industries

  • Marine

Common applications

  • Winches & cranes
  • Drives (capstans, conveyors, weapon systems)
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Refrigeration
  • Bow thrusters
  • Fans and air handling