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The mining industry has undergone tremendous change over the last ten years with consolidation and a greater demand for raw materials to satisfy growth in Non-OECD countries. The consolidation seen by mining industry companies is driven by the desire to increase economies of scale of mining operations and to generate operational efficiencies. This has increased the size and power requirements of many of the associated applications serviced by us. Bulk material handling is an ideal application for our products that can handle the robust needs of the industry. We manufacture many of the most important products required to provide a bulk material conveyor system. The Mining team has developed expertise in a bundled approach to this sector. We have our own abilities to review base requirements and put forth an integrated solution that would normally be provided by as many six companies. This system approach gives the customer a single source to turn to, eliminating duplicate effort and finger pointing, while providing shorten lead-times, project management, and component design compatibility. Many times we can suggest alternate designs that save capital cost and provide equipment standardization. 

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