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Severe Duty Motors

Our extensive line of Severe Duty motors are designed to provide exceptional performance and long life in harsh industrial processing applications. These premium construction motors include features designed to protect against contamination, moisture, vibration and demanding duty cycles. Super-E electrical designs are available on Severe Duty motors to create a packaged solution that reduces energy consumption and handles the punishment of the application.


  • Totally enclosed fan cooled frame, cast iron frame, end shields and inner caps
  • Carbon steel fan cover and air deflector, ground lug in the conduit box
  • Specially formulated modified epoxy paint with UV protection
  • Stainless steel breather and drain, V-Ring shaft slinger
  • Epoxy coating on the rotor OD, stator ID and windings, oversized main conduit box, 3.5 pu Surge withstand
  • Insulated bearings and provisions for bearing RTD’s. Severe duty motors have high efficiency (95% or higher)
  • Stock motors include a 3 year warranty
  • 100 ohm platinum winding RTD’s and space heaters
  • The “S” shafts are for coupled loads and are not convertible to roller bearings
  • The “L” shafts are ball bearing and convertible to roller bearing
  • Belted duty “LR” shafts are roller bearing and convertible to ball bearing
  • All shafts are Class II material
  • Motors are marked for Division 2/Zone 2, Class I locations. Inverter Ready design with speed range and Inverter T. Code nameplate information

Common Applications

  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Conveyors
  • Gear Reducers