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Vertical Motors

The Baldor Reliance motors for vertical applications are known for meeting the high performance standards demanded by many of key industries and industrial sectors all over the world. This can be seen in our extensive line of vertical motors which range from 150 to 900 HP, 2 through 12 pole.


  • TEFC
  • Continuous Duty Starting Torque with 650% starting current limitation for standard torque applications
  • Bi-Directional Rotation
  • Vertical Mounting with standard NEMA specified P-Base dimensions or Horizontal Mount for Tunnel Fan Applications
  • 460, 2300, 4160 or 6600 Volt, Cast aluminium and bar rotor
  • Cast iron frame and brackets, steel fan cover
  • Shaft material: AISI1020 or AISI4150
  • Angular contact or ball bearing, Thrust bearing on top of motor, Thrust bearing and guide bearing capable of grease or oil lube
  • Non reverse device available as a modification
  • Standard documentation package plus reed frequency and center of gravity
  • Thrust up to 25000 lbf.

Common Applications

Compressors, Fin fan coolers, Condensate pumps, Bilge pumps, Air pumps, Ballast pumps, Circulating and cooling water, Feed water pumps, Freshwater pumps, Sanitation pumps, Drilling: Mudpumps, Artificial lifting: Oil pumping from the well, PCP, ESP, Rod Pumps, Pipelines: Centrifugal pumps, Booster pumps, Oil Terminals: Process pumps,