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Short-Series Brake Motors

Baldor•Reliance Short Series Brake Motors are availabe in either footed or footless mounting and designed in either totally enclosed fan cooled or totally enclosed non-vent construction. These motors are available from stock in ratings of 1/2 HP thru 5 HP (56 thru 184T frames).
short series


  • 1/2 - 5 Hp
  • NEMA frame 56 – 184TC
  • Three phase, TEFC
  • Foot mounted and C-face footless
  • 208-230/460, 230/460 and 575 volts
  • IP54
  • Low profile F-3 conduit box, most designs
  • Spring set, magnetically released power off type brakes 
  • Compact design
  • Fast action DC brake with integral rectifier
  • Suitable for mounting in any configuration
  • Suitable for inverter use per NEMA MG1 Part
  • Super-E® motors have NEMA Premium® efficiency

Common industries

  • Baggage handling
  • Unit handling
  • Packaging equipment

Common applications

  • Conveyors 
  • Door operators
  • Hoists
  • Elevators