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Submersible/Immersible Motors

Offering a solution for both wet and dry pit applications, the Baldor-Reliance® Submersible motors provide a proven solution for municipal and industrial wastewater operations as well as slurry pumps, aerators and mixers.

WET pit motors use the effluent for cooling and can run 15 minutes in air. DRY pit motors are sized to run continuously in air or submerged even at a depth of 200ft.

The Baldor-Reliance® Immersible motors are designed for use where the possibility of flooding exists. This motor features totally enclosed, blower-cooled enclosures and are designed with a unique sealing system. The system allows reliable operation for a period of two weeks while submerged under a maximum depth of thirty feet of water.

submersible immersible

Product features

All cast iron construction, 416 stainless steel shafts, dual carbon ceramic mechanical seals, two NC thermostats and 25 feet of cable are standard. Dual moisture sensing probes. 1.15 service factor. UL listed motors are Division 1, Class I, group C&D, T3C temp code. 5 year pro-rated warranty.  Also inverter capable for 10:1 variable torque in Division 1, Class I, group C&D, with T2A temp code.

Modifications and accessories

Class H insulation system. Inner & outer seal options. Special shaft materials available. One size smaller shaft & flange. Special Paint, cable lengths up to 100'(longer require eng approval). Water jacket design(to reduce frame size requirements).

Common industries

  • Municipal and industrial waste water.

Common applications

  • Slurry pumps
  • Aerators
  • Mixers