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Grain Dryer Motors

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Baldor-Reliance® Grain Dryer motors are available in the following options:
Grain dryer / centrifugal fans
(3 – 50hp) Shaft is 1” longer than NEMA standard. Open drip proof (ODP) motors have screens to prevent the entry of trash and debris. TEFC motors feature sealed bearings that are lubed for life. Motors have high temperature moisture resistant grease.
Grain dryer / vane axial fans
(1 1/2 - 15 hp) Shaft is 3/4” longer than NEMA standard. Shaft is keyed, drilled and tapped with internal 1/4 - 20 tap 1” deep. Available in OPAO (Open Air Over) or TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over). Convenient lead location for ease of conduit connectivity.  
Universal crop dryer
(5 – 15 hp) Shaft is 3/4” longer than NEMA standard. Single phase permanent split capacitor (switchless) design available in OPAO (Open Air Over) and TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over) designs. This is specifically designed for use on vane axial crop dryers. High full load efficiency for reduced operating costs, no mechanical switch to wear, no noise and vibration from regeneration. This motor has a Class F insulation, is  less sensitive to voltage variations and comes with a soft-start. Thermostats are standard.
Grain dryer
Motors Hp (kW) NEMA frame Enclosures Mounting
Centrifugal fan 3 - 50 (2.2 - 37) 182TZ - 326TZ TEFC and ODP Footed
Vane axial fan 1.5 - 15 (1.12 - 11.2) 145TZ - 215Z TEAO and OPAO Footed
Universal crop dryer 5 - 15 (3.7 - 11.2) 184TZ - 215Z OPAO Footed
Aeration fan 1/2 - 3 (.37 - 2.2) 56 - 145TZ TEAO
Grain stirring motors 1.5 (1.1) 56Z TEFC


  • Single and three phases
  • 1 1/2 - 50 hp
  • P22 (Open), IP54 (Enclosed)
  • Lubed for life double sealed ball bearings
  • Lip seal and V-Ring slinger on DE for increased moisture resistance
  • Two-part tan epoxy paint for tough environments

Common industries

  • Agricultural

Common applications

  • High pressure grain drying
  • Storage for commercial and farm applications
  • Farm building fans
  • Vane axial fan crop dryers