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RPM XE eXtreme Efficient Motors

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Ideally suited for continuous operation on pumps and compressors, the Baldor-Reliance® RPM XE is an innovative, NEMA drop-in replacement motor which achieves leading efficiency and lower lifetime costs. This synchronous motor is unique as it starts across the line and offers IE4+ efficiencies. The motor is also capable of operating on a standard inverter without feedback.



  • 10 –100 hp 
  • HL215T – HL405T NEMA frame
  • TEFC, 1800 RPM, design B, 1.15 service factor
  • Operates at true synchronous speed regardless of load
  • Severe duty features and meets IP55 rating
  • Efficiency two to four levels above NEMA premium
  • Power dense and standard NEMA frame designs
  • Designed for across the line operation
  • Suitable for adjustable frequency power in scalar mode
  • Class H insulation system with Class B rise
  • Up to IE3 combined system efficiency when properly matched with VFD running in V/Hz or scalar mode
  • Operates at true synchronous speed regardless of load
  • Up to IE5 efficiency when run cross the line
  • Division 2/Zone 2, ATEX, IEC EXnA available
  • 575 and 380 volts available

Common industries

  • Paper & Forest
  • Steel Industry
  • Water / wastewater

Common applications

  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Continuous applications demanding the ultimate efficiency
  • Applications demanding reduced weight or inertia