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Washdown Duty

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ABB’s Baldor-Reliance® Washdown Duty motors are the widest variety of washdown motors available from stock. Our motors achieve better performance and reliability through added features such as an improved paint system, inverter spike resistant insulation system, Class F insulation with Class B (or lower) temperature rise, Mobil Polyrex® EM grease, customer-friendly drain plugs and shaft seals.

Baldor-Reliance Washdown Duty motors come in a variety of designs to fit the needs of many applications. Choose from White Washdown motors, Paint-free motors, Stainless Steel motors or Food Safe motors to make sure you’re getting the correct level of protection for your specific application. Each design is specifically tailored to different areas and zones within a production environment. We have a solution to keep your motors in service longer, with fewer failures, no matter how harsh the conditions.

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