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Drill Rig Motors

For all your onshore and offshore drilling operations Baldor and ABB have you covered with our extensive line of motors created specifically for the drilling industry. Each motor is carefully designed to match the demands of land-based and offshore oil and gas drilling applications. The motors are designed to be highly reliable, compact, and cost effective,all of which have helped us to established ourselves as the natural choice for critical applications in harsh conditions: we are providing dependable operation in severe environments ranging from offshore platforms in the Arctic to some of the hottest desert locations on earth.


  • Motors are full steel frame construction, created for use with an adjustable speed drive to cover wide range of application needs
  • Frames are designed to meet industry standard shaft height and other major mounting requirements
  • Cooling types are offered as blower cooled (IC36/37), water cooled (IC86), or as a water jacketed design
  • Motors come standard with VPI form wound stator coils, copper bar rotor construction, and high strength shafts
  • Standard as 600V, however other voltages available upon request
  • Top drive applications standard as vertical construction with mud pump and draw works standard as horizontal mounting

Common Industries

Common Applications

  • Top drive
  • Mud pump
  • Draw works
  • Rotary table