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Synchronous Condensor Motors

Synchronous condensers from ABB ensure efficient and reliable operation of power grids through reactive power compensation and additional short circuit power capacity. ABB can tailor synchronous condenser modules to match system performance requirements and site conditions, and deliver optimum cost-efficiency. With capability to provide up to 60,000 kVAR of compensation from single units (and even more from parallel units), in voltages of 1-15kV, for both 50 or 60 Hz, we are confident we can provide a condeser to meet the electrical requirements from the most demanding applications.


  • Fabricated modular frame with welded steel construction with frame sizes ranging from 710-2500mm shaft height Rotor windings made from rectangular copper wire and are either solid salient or laminated pole construction
  • Multiple starting methods are supported such as: Pony motor, reactor, capacitor, auto-transformer, and direct on line (DOL)
  • Excitation systems are available to operate as AC or DC, and either brushless or brushed with slip ring unit
  • Comes standard with Micadur Compact Industry insulation system, which provides high dielectric strength and excellent heat transfer

Common Applications

  • Power Generation