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Popular Mechanics Ranks Baldor Grinders as the Best

Popular Mechanics recently gave Baldor’s 600E grinder a full five stars, ranking it as the best overall grinder on the market. Here is what they wrote about the product:

“Almost nothing we test is made in America, so it’s easy to forget just how good American-made equipment really is. Then you run the Baldor and remember what this country’s products once were. No other grinder can touch it. It’s beautifully made, with large cast wheel housings, and it runs without vibrations. It’s extremely powerful for a machine its size. Baldor, take a bow.”

As you would imagine, this write up has created a lot of excitement at Baldor. It’s nice for employees, especially the team at the Clarksville, Arkansas plant which manufactures this product, to hear this kind of praise. Grinder product specialist, Rachel Van Dorn, says the team was pleasantly surprised to hear the news, and is very proud of the recognition.

“This product, which has been sold for decades, has a reputation for amazing quality and performance,” says Van Dorn. “While a lot of Baldor products get attention for technological advancements, it’s nice to see a well-made product get some much deserved attention.”

Baldor began making grinders around 1935. Today, in addition to a broad range of grinders, Baldor also offers industrial buffers, polishing lathes and belt sanders. Van Dorn hopes the Popular Mechanics recognition will raise more interest in the entire product.