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NEMA Experts Present Efficiency Regulations Paper at IEEE Conference

William Hoyt, NEMA Industry Director, was joined by John Malinowski, Senior Manager Industry Affairs at Baldor/ABB, and William Finley, Senior Director of Technology at Siemens Industry, Inc., in presenting an accepted and peer-reviewed paper, “Review of Upcoming Motor and Drive Systems Efficiency Regulations in U.S. and Europe,” at the IEEE Petro Chemical Conference (PCIC) in Houston. The paper has been accepted for publication in IEEE Industry Applications Magazine. PCIC was held at the Hilton Americas in October.

For more than 60 years, PCIC has provided an international forum for the exchange of electrical applications technology related to the petroleum and chemical industry. The success of the PCIC brand is built on high-quality papers, personal recognition and reward, valued standards activities, mentoring, tutorials, and networking. Mr. Hoyt, Mr. Malinowski, and Mr. Finley were co-authors, along with Peter Zwanziger, Siemens Germany. Mr. Finley is an IEEE Fellow, and Mr. Malinowski is a Senior IEEE member. 

William Hoyt, Industry Director, NEMA | bill.hoyt@nema.org