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Baldor and ABB Support First Robotics

ABB and Baldor Support First Robits - Farmington High SchoolMembers of our Westville team, led by Jim Riffel, Plant Manager and Charles Olson, Engineering Manager, have been working closely with the Farmington High School to establish a FIRST Robotics team. FIRST Robotics works to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, and it is a national organization supported by many of our plants and local communities.

The Westville team requested grants from the Baldor Foundation as well as the ABB Foundation in order to support the team and the creation of their robot. Charles and FIRST team 5178 recently presented their robot to the Farmington School board. After a successful demonstration, the superintendent commented that ABB and Baldor are a “great example of local industry working hand in hand with education.” ABB and Baldor Support First Robits - Farmington High School

Congratulations to the Westville team for working with their local students to drive interest in science and technology, and congratulations to FIRST team 5178 on a successful demonstration of their robot!