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New CA501 Standard Product Catalog

The 2016 CA501 Standard Product Catalog is now available! The catalog features more than 850 new catalog numbers with more information per product family and detailed features for each product line. To learn more about the enhanced catalog, watch the short presentation here.

Download your copy today or reach out to your local sales representative for a hard copy.

Due to energy regulations going into effect in the past two years, majority of our standard product offering now meets more stringent energy efficiencies. This has impacted over 500 ratings in the catalog as you flip through the catalog. You can learn more about these energy regulations in our FREE whitepapers:
Integral Horsepower Rule
Small Motor Rule

Here is a quick summary of the new product lines you will find in the catalog:

RPM XE eXtreme Efficieny
Power Dense: 10 – 125 Horsepower, 4 pole
Standard NEMA: 10 – 100 Horsepower, 4 Pole

Dirty Duty Motors
½ - 10 Horsepower, 2,4 & 6 Pole, Foot Mounted and C-Face Foot Mounted, C-Face Footless
New E-Coat finish

Crusher Duty Motors
5 – 400 Horsepower, 2,4,6 & 8 Pole, Foot Mounted

Fire Pump Motors
Foot Mounted: 10 – 300 Horsepower, 2 & 4 Pole
Close-Coupled Pump: 10 – 100 Horsepower, 2 & 4 Pole

Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor Motors
Low Voltage: 150 – 600 Horsepower, 2 Pole
Medium Voltage: 400 – 1,000 Horsepower, 2 Pole
Conversion bases for field install

PS1200 Gearmotor Platform
Single Phase
Three Phase
3 Phase Inverter Duty
Direct Current