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Turf Breeze Fans Powered with Baldor Products

Solar heat can have a devastating effect on turf grass. When a green’s subsoil temperature reaches high levels, roots begin to shrink, diminishing the quality of the putting surface. Creating improved air circulation on a green alleviates heat stress by cooling the grass leaf, removing the humidity that causes disease and allowing the grass to breathe. Developed to provide maximum airflow on the surface of golf course greens, TurfBreeze is the most respected name in surface aeration.

Andy Redd, director of sales for TurfBreeze, says his company is the market leader because of the quality of its product. “We know that 90% of golf superintendents in the Southeast start running our fans Memorial Day weekend and keep them running 24/7 until around the first week of October,” explains Redd. “We know this is an investment for the golf course, so we build them to perform and to last. We have units that have been out in the field for more than 15 years, and today we are building them even better.”

Instead of aluminum, the fans are made of steel, with a strong powdered coating to withstand the elements. Inside you’ll find what Redd describes as premium products: a Baldor-Reliance® motor and Baldor-Dodge mounted ball bearings and synchronous belt drive. According to Redd, TurfBreeze chose these products to make its units not only outperform and last longer than competitive units, but also to be maintenance free.

“During the summer months, a golf course superintendent has plenty to do without worrying about keeping a fan running,” explains Redd. “They just don’t have time to shut the units down to grease the bearings or to tighten belts. They need this fan to start up and run through the season with no issues.”

The bearing of choice is the Baldor-Dodge D-Lok pillow block ball bearing with a DualGuard seal design, which includes a patented rubberized flinger. This highly engineered bearing keeps contaminants out, while keeping lubricant in, increasing the life and performance of the bearing. Better yet, the bearing comes fully lubricated and does not need overly frequent regreasing when properly selected, sized and installed.

“Having the time to keep the bearings maintained is one issue, but another is knowing how to keep them maintained,” says Redd. “In the past, we found that guys were actually overgreasing and blowing out the seals, damaging the bearing. However, today no one has to worry about bearings at all.”

Another major change to the TurfBreeze product was switching from V-belts to a synchronous product. The issue, according to Redd, was the continuing maintenance challenge of keeping the V-belts tensioned properly. With the Baldor-Dodge synchronized drive system, once the tolerances are set at the plant, there is no maintenance required in the field. A synchronized system is also more energy efficient, plus, Redd says, making the switch also allowed them to optimize the fan’s performance.

“Switching to the synchronous drive has allowed us to decrease the size of the pulley in the unit,” explains Redd. “Because of the smaller, more compressed package, there is more room for air flow, which is very important. Between eliminating maintenance and improving our performance, this is a great product.”

Like many other businesses, Redd says golf courses are also becoming more interested in cutting electrical costs by choosing energy-efficient products. That’s why TurfBreeze offers customers what the company calls its “green” option, a model that produces maximum cooling with minimal power use. This fan is powered by Baldor’s Super-E® premium efficient motor. He says most customers understand that using fewer kilowatts per hour, they will save a bit of money on the electric bill. However, Redd says, the significant savings delivered to a golf course come because the Super-E pulls less amperage than standard motors, and the lower the amp draw, the smaller the conductor size.

“If you look at full load amperage, a 5 HP premium efficient motor pulls 19.1 amps versus the standard motor that pulls 23 amps,” explains Redd.

“Dropping down 3 amps may not sound like a big deal, but remember that less amps means a smaller conductor size, and if you are pulling power from over 2,000 feet away, it adds up to be a huge difference.”

Not only is Redd pleased with all of the products, he also appreciates the support his company received from Baldor engineers. From design, product selection and product sizing to spending time at the TurfBreeze facility to help explain proper installation techniques, Redd says Baldor engineers worked with them to find the right solution. According to Redd, it’s this kind of customer service that sets both TurfBreeze and Baldor apart from the competition.

“Both companies stand behind their product because we both understand that it’s our reputation that carries us to the top,” say Redd. “TurfBreeze has an outstanding reputation in the market because if there are ever any issues, we address them, and we take care of our customers. We absolutely get that same level of customer service from Baldor.”