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Baldor Plants ISO Certified

Baldor Electric Company, Fort Smith, Arkansas based manufacturer of energy saving industrial electric motors, drives and generators, is proud to announce the implementation of ISO certification in its Fort Smith Motor Plant, its Fort Smith Service Center and its Fort Smith Corporate Office, which includes the Distribution Center, Service Center, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing and Engineering departments.

Certification to the ISO 9001:2000 Standard means that Baldor’s Quality Initiative, based around the integration of the company’s Value Formula and unified information system, supports the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Baldor has linked all business units and manufacturing plants into our Quality Initiative system and ISO, which helps us manage our operations, resulting in continual improvements, improved quality and greater customer satisfaction.

Pursuing a global certification, by which all Baldor plants will utilize one quality management system, those Baldor plants that were previously individually certified to the ISO Standard will surrender their certificates as they participate in our global certification. At this time, Baldor’s Fort Smith Drives Center, along with subsidiaries Southwestern Die Casting Co. of Fort Smith, and Nupar Manufacturing Co., located in Claremore, OK, have successfully completed their audits and have been recommended for ISO certification by our registrar, TÜV of America. Late November is the scheduled completion time for the certification process to be completed bringing all Baldor plants into certification.

ISO certification brings global recognition to Baldor and will make it easier for customers and prospects, including consulting firms and specifying engineers, to approve our products.