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Baldor Employees Accident-Free for More Than 10 Million Hours

Baldor Electric Company is pleased to recognize the employees in its Fort Smith motor plant for having worked for more than 10 million hours without a lost time accident. This team of approximately 1,200 employees has worked together to achieve this milestone in approximately three years.

“At Baldor we believe ‘safety is priority one’, and that expectation is communicated to all of our employees and is becoming second nature in our culture,” said Ben Roe, Fort Smith Plant Manager. “But we’ve only been successful in our safety efforts because of our employees’ commitment and involvement. By using resources such as safety huddles and teams, we’ve helped each employee understand his or her personal responsibility. This message is reinforced at the beginning of every shift, carries through the work day, and is encouraged to be taken home to their families at the end of the day.”

Ron Tucker, Baldor’s Chief Executive Officer and President, added, “I am very proud of our team in the Fort Smith motor plant. As a company we can invest in safe equipment and processes, but only employees can choose to act and work safely. I appreciate the effort each employee has made to take care of themselves and their team members.”

The Fort Smith motor plant, at its current location since 1972, produces more than 1.2 million industrial 1-20 horsepower motors and industrial grinders each year.