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Sustainable Plant Webinar

Identifying Opportunities to Improve Energy Efficiencies with Baldor's Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) Team

This webinar will feature an overview of the IBE process and provide examples of actual case studies that illustrate the value of the IBE.

Using state of the art data collection equipment and software, Baldor’s IBE Team works with plant personnel to conduct a survey of motors and mechanical products both in operation, and from spare inventory locations. The raw data is then analyzed to produce a comprehensive report for the customer, which not only includes recommendations for immediate actions, but also long term strategies that will result in significant energy savings to favorably impact the customer’s bottom line.

Sustainable Plant WebinarBenefits of an IBE to the customer include: energy savings, better understanding of equipment in service, provides framework for motor management program, improved uptime through with motor recommendations, simplified purchasing, and inventory management, and consolidation of vendors and part numbers.

An IBE is also a proactive way for companies to display that they are environmentally focused on reducing their carbon footprint through energy conservation.

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Kay Cabaniss
Industry Business Manager - Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical
Baldor Electric Company
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