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Baldor Offers Expanded Line of DC Motors

Baldor offers an extensive line of DC motors from 1/50th to 3000HP. Fractional ratings are available as permanent magnet and wound field designs either from our extensive stock offering or complemented by our custom motor capability to meet your customer’s application requirements. Our integral product line has complementary offerings including our round and laminated frame designs with stock offerings through 500HP and custom motor designs from 1 through 3000HP. This dual offering provides maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements for both existing replacement opportunities as well as new applications.

Our existing offering has now been enhanced with the addition of the DMI DC motor product line for ratings through 1400kW. The DMI product line is designed to IEC standards for the global market and features the most power dense designs available in the industry. The smaller footprint of the DMI product makes it ideal for existing and new applications. DMI motors are manufactured in our new global center of excellence plant for DC motor manufacturing in Shelby, North Carolina. The attached video provides a comprehensive view for you and our customers of the new facility and capabilities. With an emphasis on quality, training and on time delivery Baldor continues to remain committed to DC motor production well into the future.