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Reduce Motor Failures in Your Plant | On-Demand Webinar

Studies show that 51% of electric motor failures are due to bearing damage and failure. The causes of premature failure can be broad. Mechanical & electrical stresses to environmental contamination are the most common. Knowing the application your motor is being installed and detecting early warning signs of a possible premature failure can save significant costs of unplanned downtime. In a 60 minute webinar we will identify common causes, warning signs and prevention methods.

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This webinar is hosted in conjunction with Plant Services Magazine

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Typical causes of motor bearing damage
  • Identifying a possible failure
  • Tips to maximize the life of your motor

About the Speaker:
Terry Bell is the Product Manager for Baldor Electric Company’s General Purpose and Pump Motors. Terry has worked for Baldor, a member of the ABB group, for 19 years with a background in applications and support. Mr. Bell works closely with all industries to create market-leading NEMA Motors for Pump, Fan and other critical Industrial Applications. Terry has also developed and provided training on efficiency requirements, motor selection, and proper product application.