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Baldor Launches Largest Group Of New Products In Its 80 Year History

Baldor Electric Company, Fort Smith, Arkansas based manufacturer of energy saving industrial electric motors and drives, begins the new millenium with the largest launch of new products ever in its 80 year history. Over 350 new stock products were added in Baldor’s January 2000 edition of its popular 501 catalog. These include new industrial motors, gearboxes and drives.

"New products are the result of listening to our customers," commented John McFarland, Baldor President and CEO. "By offering customers over 5,500 different stock product solutions, we give them the ability to select the industrial motor, gearbox and drive that is the best for their application. Customers like choices, and Baldor is committed to offering them more new products from which to choose.”

Some of the new products recently introduced by Baldor are:

Larger Horsepower AC Motors – New models of large AC motors in WPI and WPII (weather protected) ratings up to 1500 HP.

Large Horsepower AC Motors for Explosion-Proof Environments – Baldor’s line of UL-approved motors for explosion-proof environments has expanded up to 300 HP. These include UL classifications for Class I, Groups C and D, and Class II, Groups F and G.

New Ratings and Options for Definite-Purpose Inverter Drive® and Vector Drive® Motors – Baldor now offers the broadest range of Inverter Drive and Vector Drive motors which meet NEMA’s Part 31 specification. Models include TENV ratings from 1/3 to 20 HP, TEBC ratings from 1 to 500 HP, explosion-proof ratings from ½ to 75 HP, Washdown Duty ratings from 1 to 10 HP, and the newest addition–“Paint-Free” Inverter Drive motors from ½ to 10 HP. Customers can also choose a wide range of encoder feedback options.

New Line of HVAC Fan and Blower Motors – Designed especially for HVAC applications, Baldor has a new line of motors from 1 to 75 HP.

New Definite Purpose “Fan and Pump” Inverter Controls – Baldor’s new “Series 15V” line of inverter controls rated for fan and pump applications, also available in ratings from 1 to 75 HP. These controls use Baldor’s exclusive easy-to-use “keypad language” found in other Baldor products. Introduced in 1994, this language uses a 32-character keypad and “plain English” commands for setup and operation.

New Software Options for Baldor “H” Series Vector and Servo Controls – New software releases for Baldor’s 18H vector and 23H servo products now provide 15 preset positioning capabilities and a new “triple mode” pulse-follower feature that includes velocity-following, position synchronization, and position step increments-all with “on the fly” ratio changing.

New Commercial Duty Motor Line – Now Baldor’s reputation for high-quality industrial motors expands into the commercial duty motor market. Designed for general-purpose applications with low to medium torque requirements. These motors are available in NEMA 48 and 56 frames from 1/6 to 1 HP.

Expanded IEEE-841 Motor Line – Baldor’s line of Chemical Processing IEEE-841 rated motor line has expanded to now cover 1 through 250 HP.

More Ratings Added to Baldor’s FlexDrive/LinDrive/MINTDrive Family of Controls – Baldor’s new line of FlexDrive/Flex+Drive servo motor controls, LinDrive/Lin+Drive linear motor controls, and MINTDrive integrated motion controls for both servo and linear motors has expanded up to 22 amps continuous rating.

NextMove PCI is Newest Addition to MINTMotion Control Products – New PCI-based motion card provides multi-axis control, extensive I/O options and CAN interface. It uses a 32-bit floating point DSP, operates at 50 MHz and supports ultra fast position capture times of 200 nsec. Baldor’s MINT motion control language is similar to “Basic,” and uses extensive keywords to provide high level commands.

Additional Gearmotors and Gear Reducers – New right-angle gearmotor ratings from 1/15 to ¼ HP. New worm gear reducers in washdown, hollow-shaft and flange mounts. Baldor now stocks nearly 700 different gearmotor and gear reducer products.