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Powerful Remote Condition Monitoring Service for Motors

The ABB US Motor’s and Generators Service team is pleased to offer industrial customers ABB MACHsense-R remote condition monitoring service. 


This innovative service provides remote monitoring of motors and generators, and analyses data to provide insight into the motors condition from the viewpoint of rotor bar defects, installation problems, bearing problems and operating parameters.   ABB MACHsense-R is the only service of its kind to offer on-board data processing with web-based access to the analyzed data for reliable identification of possible defects and their severity.    Early warning of likely problems is key to reducing unplanned downtime. 


Other benefits and features of ABB MACHsense-R include the following:


·         This service is ideal for motors and generators that play a critical role in production or are inaccessible due to the location of their applications

·         Motors and generators are monitored while they are operating

·         Proprietary software customizes the analysis to the machine design for higher precision

·         Alarms are triggered and customers are notified when key parameters exceed preset limits

·         Customers can access real-time data through an online portal, and they will receive detailed reports with recommendations for corrective action and preventive maintenance

·         ABB MACHsense-R is suitable for new or existing motors or generators, any size or make

For more information on ABB MACHsense-R and other condition monitoring tools offered by ABB Motors and Generators Service, please contact the ABB Motors and Generators Service team at US-MotorService@abb.comor 1-800-HELP365.