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Bringing New Life to DC Motors Webinar

Repair, Replace, Rewind, or Buy new? Are these common topics of discussion throughout your facility when it comes to DC motors in operation? Each option may have their advantages, but with the latest advancements in DC motor technology, your decision may become easier and more cost effective. Tune into this FREE webinar and learn more about the latest advancements:

New DC Motor Design Technologies,
Brings New Life to Existing DC Motor Applications


About the Speaker:
Marcus Orders is the Global DC Motor Product Marketing Manager at Baldor Electric Company. He began his career with Reliance Electric Company in 1984 in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. 

During his career, Marcus has held various positions in Motor Design Engineering, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, and most recently Product Marketing. His engineering experience includes thirteen years in DC motor design and six years as Engineering Manager for Small and Medium AC motors. Marcus received his Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Quality Management in 2004 and later moved into the manufacturing of ABB, Baldor, and Legacy Reliance DC motors in Shelby North Carolina.

Bringing New Life to DC Motors