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Introducing the MST Digital Soft Starter

Introducing the MST Soft Starter with six SCR three phase voltage control that offers advanced protection for the motor, the soft starter and the load, ensuring trouble-free operation. Available from 7.5 to 1000 horsepower at 208 to 575 Vac (volts alternating current), this product is suitable for a wide variety of applications including pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, mixers and stirrers.

Baldor’s MST Digital Soft Starter features programmable torque control, providing a more linear acceleration during start that reduces wear and tear, and during stop, virtually eliminates pump water hammer. This torque control function was developed and tested in collaboration with pump manufacturers to ensure the best possible stop without water hammer and pressure surges. The product also offers integrated advanced motor protection with current sensing, programmable signal relays, programmable analog output and a built-in keypad interface.

MST Digital Soft Starters are available in two styles, an open starter or an enclosed combination starter. The open starter has a smaller footprint that makes mounting easy, and is loaded with high-end features that improve performance and save energy. The enclosed combination starter combines over current protection and overload protection in a single package