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On-Demand Webinar: Impact of the Amended Motor Efficiency Rules on the Pump Industry

This timely webinar will take a look at the Small Motor Rule and the upcoming Integral Horse Power Rule efficiency requirements for motor manufacturers as these requirements evolve and change. The event will discuss how these rules impact end users in the pump industry.

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Key takeaways:

1. Small Motor Rule regulations and scope of coverage
2. What previously unregulated motors are now covered in the Integral Horsepower Rule
3. Early preparation is the key to being compliant when the rules take effect

About the Presenter

John Malinowski is the Senior Manager for Industry Affairs at Baldor Electric Company, A Member of the ABB Group, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He is chairman of NEMA 1MG Motor & Generator Section and familiar with collaborating with CEMEP and ABB IEC colleagues on global motor standards. He acts as company advocate with government agencies, professional associations, and industry standards committees.

Amended Motor Efficiency Rules