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The District Office of Texas goes above and beyond to get customers what they want and need and is committed to seeing it through. We pride ourselves in being industry experts who understand you and your customers by always providing Quality Motors and Texas Service.

Our team of professionals are available to you.

Leadership Team

Skip Alderson
District Manager
Anastasia Kelsh
Operations Manager
Chad Letlow
Sales Manager
Karen Free
Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Outside Sales Support

Steven Mendez
Territory Manager
08C and 08D
Mark Awtrey
Territory Manager
08H and 08T
Gordon Kloesel
Territory Manager
Montague Sanders
Territory Manager
08E, 08F, 08I
Sophia Hernandez
Customer Service
Don Gerst
Technical Sales and Support
08C and 08D
Derrick Hager
Technical Sales and Support
08G and 08J
Amber Garcia
Customer Service & Support
08C & D
Bri Donald
Customer Service and Support Lead
08G and 08J
Craig Shepherd
Outside Sales Support Lead
Nique Jason
Customer Service and Support
08E, 08F, and 08I
Virginia Zarate
Customer Service and Support
08H and 08T
John Mendez
Technical Sales & Support
08H & 08T
Kelly Griffin
Territory Manager
Michael Underwood
Technical Sales and Support Manager
08E, 08I, and 08F


Mike Torres
Dallas Warehouse Lead
Mansa Dyer
Houston Logistics Coordinator
Zamil Torres
Dallas Logistics Coordinator


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