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Unit & Baggage Handling

Industry Overview

Warehouse distribution centers are constantly being challenged to increase throughput without compromising quality or reliability. Our Baldor•Reliance products have been the preferred electrical and power transmission solutions for many years because no other manufacturer can match the depth and breadth of products, with the highest level of quality in the industry. We provide the most efficient solutions from the power line to the driven shaft from a single source supplier.

Our products are used on almost every part of the process in a distribution center. We have experience applying products in applications ranging from line shaft conveyors to high cycling induction conveyors and brake meter belts. Our products are applied from the pick lines all the way to the trailer loaders. We have experience in many different styles of accumulation conveyors, merges, and sorters. With over 40 years of experience and over 10 million electrical and power transmission components in the industry, we are committed to the Unit Handling Industry. We provide reliable system performance and dedicated, field-experienced experts who understand the products and the demanding environments in which they are used. From initial on-site consultation to complete system integration and operation, our customers know they are working with the very best.

Airport Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) are also a critical industry for us; providing system solutions utilizing our power transmission products to partner with equipment manufacturers, consultants, and other industry professionals to transport passenger's luggage from airline ticket counters all the way to the airplane. Since the mandatory requirements for 100% Checked Baggage Screening were established by Congress after 9/11, this placed a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of all the airport/airline industry manufacturers and suppliers to provide extremely reliable and safe equipment for the traveling public's luggage. We continue to be a strong player in all aspects of the Baggage Conveyor industry providing AC motors and power transmission products for Ticket Counter Conveyors, Transport Conveyors, Sorting/Diverting/Merging Conveyors, Queuing Conveyors, and Baggage Claim Carousels. With scheduling higher passenger loading per plane despite fewer flights, this places tremendous peak loading demands on the Baggage Handling equipment to enable the screening of passenger's checked luggage at even higher conveyor speeds and scanning accuracy rates. With the continuing needs for higher throughputs and faster cycling times, we are fully capable of providing robust motors to handle these demanding conditions within the BHS industry. 

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