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D-Series Brake Motors

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Baldor•Reliance D-Series Brake Motors are availabe in both single phase and three phase designs utilizing either footed or footless mounting. Availabe in either totally enclosed fan cooled or totally enclosed non-vent construction. These motors are available from stock in ratings of 1/2 HP thru 10 HP (56 thru 215T frames).


These motors feature Dodge "D" Series brakes which are spring set, magnetically released power off type brakes flange mounted to the motor. These brakes are single phase with built-in rectifier to DC and are inverter ready. Brakes have a manual release lever. Can be mounted universally in any orientation with no modifications required. Brake leads are brought into the motor conduit box for connecting to the motor leads on (56-140 frames) and set up for connecting separately on (180-210 frames). 56-140 frame motors feature low profile F3 top-mounted conduit box. 143-145TY and 143-145TCY frame motors have a special base which include 56, 143, and 145 mounting slots used on OEM conveyors.

common industries

Unit Handling

common applications

  • Unit and Baggage handling
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Hoists
  • Elevators and door openers