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SXR Eccentric Collar Bearings

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Intermediate and normal duty 200 series mounted ball bearings with eccentric locking collar.


  • Eccentric collar locks the bearing to the shaft by a quarter turn of the collar in direction of shaft rotation – collar is secured in place with set screw
  • DualGuard seal – comprised of single lip seal and rubberized flinger is standard
  • Precision hardened and honed Series 200 mounted ball bearings in globally interchangeable ISO dimensions
  • Snap-on end covers available from stock for most popular cast housings
  • Expansion pillow blocks available for popular shaft sizes
  • Interchangeable mounting dimensions with most competitive products
  • Plus or minus 2° static misalignment

Available options

  • LL lo torque labyrinth seals are optional
  • High-temperature option available to 400°F (204°C)
  • Extreme Duty package for harsh environments

Common industries

  • Agriculture
  • Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical
  • Paper and Forest
  • Unit and Baggage Handling

Common applications

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Conveyor applications
  • Mechanical drive applications
  • Harsh duty environments

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