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Synchronous Belts

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Dodge synchronous belt drives require no lubrication. They provide a positive engagement between a toothed belt and a toothed sprocket, and are offered with curvilinear, modified curvilinear, and trapezoidal tooth profiles:

  • HT500 – Modified Curvilinear Tooth Profile - polyurethane with carbon fiber tension cords and a carbon black nylon tooth facing
  • HT250 – Modified Curvilinear Tooth Profile – Fiberglass cords
  • HTD: Curvilinear Tooth Profile – Fiberglass cords
  • Dyna-Sync: Trapezoidal Tooth Profile – Fiberglass cords


  • Timed / non-slip operation
  • Suitable for a wide variety of speed ranges
  • Low maintenance drive, no lubrication
  • Long lasting operation
  • High operating efficiency (98% typical)

Common applications

  • Unit and bulk material conveyors
  • Air handling fans, blowers and exhausts
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Crushers, shredders, breakers, classifiers, shaker screens
  • Woodworking saws, mills, planers, lathes
  • Machine tools

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