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EZ Kleen Quantis RHB

Dodge Quantis offers an exclusive EZ Kleen protection system for washdown environments.  EZ Kleen reducers are designed to operate in washdown environments using harsh chemicals and high temperature sprays.  The entirely corrosion-resistant construction make Quantis EZ Kleen an ideal solution for food handling industrial applications.


  • Paint system consisting of e-coat primer plus 2-part epoxy top coat
  • TDNC coated output shafting
  • Factory-filled H1 rated food-grade lubrication
  • Spring-loaded washdown breather
  • Accommodates input power from ¼ Hp to 30HP
  • Helical – bevel – helical gear train offers cost effective high and low speed solutions
  • Up to 94% efficient
  • Multiple output shaft or hollow bore interfaces

Modifications & Accessories

  • Clamp Collar C-Face Input
  • 3-Piece Coupled C-Face Input
  • XT Output Seals
  • Heavy Duty Output Bearings
  • Inch or Metric Dimensions

Common Applications

  • Conveyors
  • Mixer Drives
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Pumps
  • General Industrial Machinery

Additional warranty

Bearing warranty