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Fluid Couplings

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Dodge Fluid couplings are fixed fill mechanical soft start devices which utilize hydrokinetic energy to transmit torque through a system of impellers. The input impeller functions similar to a centrifugal pump and hydraulic turbine. When the input drive moves, it transmits kinetic energy to the oil which is distributed in the housing and transmits torque by engaging the outer impeller. The Dodge Fluid coupling allows the driver to start under “no load”, resulting in a smooth start up and reduction of amp draw from the motor. Since there is no physical connection inside the housing, the Dodge Fluid coupling has built-in overload protection and inherent torsional vibration absorption. Additionally, load balancing is possible with the use of asynchronous motors, instead of custom motors, since the Fluid couplings automatically adjust to load speed.


  • 11 sizes
  • Designs available utilizing couplings (Para-Flex and DGF Gear) or V-Belt drives
  • Accommodates up to 4.75 inch shafts and 1400 horsepower applications
  • Smooth, controlled acceleration with customizable startup torques
  • Motor starts under no load, permitting the use of standard NEMA design B motors and potentially decreasing motor horsepower requirement
  • No physical connection is present, allowing for protection under overload conditions

Common Industries

common applications

  • Conveyors (Bulk Material Handling)
  • Any application requiring overload protection 
  • Any application with a high-inertia startup