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Bulk Material Handling

Bulk material handling

The Dodge® bulk material handling team utilizes an expansive portfolio of Dodge mechanical and Baldor-Reliance® electrical products, Passport online selection, and decades of conveyor engineering expertise. These capabilities allow customers to partner with one manufacturer that can offer complete, packaged proposals for quick delivery of factory assembled packages that increase reliability, improve productivity, and help you operate safely.

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Two conveyor design paths: which one fits your needs?

  • 1) On demand conveyor design via Passport

    Dodge Passport 

    Bulk material handling conveyors for:

    • Aggregate
    • Cement
    • Sand and gravel
    • Wood yards


    • Design capacity up to 3500 tons per hour
    • Manual and automatic takeup conveyor profiles
    • Standard belt widths up to 60" (1520 mm) wide


    Passport equals ease of doing business
    Passport, a web-based product selection program for Dodge mechanical products and Baldor-Reliance motors, utilizes a visual, intuitive process to quickly guide users through the selection of components and assembled packages for conveyor applications. Program logic utilizes decades of conveyor engineering expertise that empowers users to design complete conveyor packages, obtain pricing, view real time availability, and enter orders.


    Quick shipments of packaged assemblies from stock
    Onsite assembly cells at stocking facilities complement our industry leading inventory and allow for quick shipments of gearbox assemblies (gearbox, motor, and accessories) and pulley assemblies (pulley, bushing, shaft, and bearings). Factory assembled, complete packages provide easy installation, reduced maintenance time, and minimized safety risks during installation.

    Visit the Dodge Passport selection tool


  • 2) Engineered project via the Bulk Material Handling team

    Bulk material handling 


    • Mining and aggregate overland conveyors


    • Non-standard conveyor profiles
    • Tensions above 800 PIW
    • Belts longer than 3500 feet or 1000 meters
    • Greater than 3500 foot or 1000 meter long belts
    • Greater than 3500 tons per hour


    Complete project support
    The Dodge bulk material handling team supports your entire engineered project from quote through installation. Decades of conveyor engineering experience assures that you have the expertise needed for all aspects of your project.

    Reliable project lead times

    • Project management from start to finish ensures project stays on time
    • Single point of contact for projects
    • Factory assembled gearbox drive and conveyor pulley assemblies 


    Peace of mind with extended warranty

    • Three year extended warranty offered when 1) Dodge Bulk Material Handling team engineers and designs all factory assembled packages on the proposal and 2) all factory assembled packages from the proposal are ordered complete
    • Additional year of warranty (four years total) is available with the purchase of a Field Services Packages which includes:

    - Lubrication confirmation
    - Alignment verification
    - Component safety checklist
    - Maintenance training
    - Temperature and vibration benchmarking

    Bulk Material Handling team
    +1 864 284 5767