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2HP, 1750RPM, 3PH, 60HZ, 145JM, 3524M, TEFC, F1

Product Information Packet PDF

List Price 721.00 USD
Multiplier Symbol L1
Ship Weight 46 LB
UPC 781568113332
Phase 3
Output 2.000 hp
Synchronous Speed 1,800 rpm
Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage 208 V
230 V
460 V
Enclosure TEFC
Frame Material Steel
Frame 145JM
XP Division Not Applicable
Brand Baldor-Reliance
Agency Approvals CSA
Ambient Temperature 40 °C
Auxillary Box No Auxillary Box
Auxillary Box Lead Termination None
Base Indicator Rigid
Bearing Grease Type POLYREX EM (-20F +300F)
Blower None
Current 6.7 A @ 208 V
6.2 A @ 230 V
3.1 A @ 460 V
Design Code B
Drip Cover No Drip Cover
Duty Rating CONT
Efficiency @ 100% Load 84.0%
Electrically Isolated Bearing No electrically isolated
Feedback Device No feedback
Front Face Code Standard
Front Shaft Indicator None
Heater Indicator No heater
High Voltage Full Load Amps 3.1 A
Insulation Class F
Inverter Code Not inverter
KVA Code L
Lifting Lugs No Lifting Lugs
Locked Bearing Indicator Locked Bearing
Motor Lead Exit KO Box
Motor Lead Quantity/Wire Size 9 @ 18 AWG
Motor Lead Termination Flying Leads
Motor Standards NEMA
Motor Type 3524M
Mounting Arrangement F1
Number of Poles 4
Overall Length (C Dim) 15.43 in
Power Factor 72
Product Family General Purpose
Pulley End Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Pulley Face Code C-Face
Pulley Shaft Indicator Tapped & Key
Rodent Screen No Rodent Screen
Service Factor 1.15
Shaft Diameter 0.875 in
Shaft Extension Location Pulley End
Shaft Ground Indicator No Shaft Grounding
Shaft Rotation Reversible
Shaft Slinger Indicator Shaft Slinger
Speed 1,750 rpm
Speed Code Single Speed
Starting Method DOL
Thermal Device - Bearing None
Thermal Device - Winding None
Vibration Sensor Indicator No Vibration Sensor
Winding Thermal 1 None
Winding Thermal 2 None

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CAD File
The drawings and CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.
For additional assistance, please contact your local Baldor sales office.
The CAD files for this product are currently unavailable.
For additional assistance, please contact your local Baldor sales office.
Your download is ready. Thank you.
For additional assistance, please contact your local Baldor sales office.
Building download package.
SPEC. 35M019N917H1
HP 2
VOLTS 208-230/460
AMP 6.7-6.2/3.1
RPM 1750
FRAME 145JM HZ 60 PH 3
DE 6206 ODE 6203

Performance at 460 V, 60 Hz, 2 hp

Typical performance; not guaranteed values.

General Characteristics

Full Load Torque 0 LB-FT
No-Load Current 0 A
Line-Line Res. @ 25° C 7.97 Ohms A Ph / 0 Ohms B Ph
Temp. Rise @ Rated Load 72° C
Temp. Rise @ S.F. Load 84° C
Start Configuration DOL
Break-Down Torque 23.5 LB-FT
Pull-Up Torque 14.4 LB-FT
Locked-Rotor Torque 18.5 LB-FT
Starting Current 23.5 A

Load Characteristics

Rated Load 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 125% 150% S.F.
Power Factor 9.0 32.0 51.0 64.0 73.0 79.0 83.0 77.0
Efficiency 0.0 70.8 80.7 83.7 84.3 83.9 82.6 84.1
Speed (rpm) 1,799 1,790 1,778 1,766 1,753 1,738 1,722 1,744
Line Amps 1.97 2.05 2.26 2.61 3.03 3.52 4.11 3.32

Performance Curves

Part Number Description Quantity List Price
34FN3002A01SP EXTERNAL FAN, PLASTIC, .637/.639 HUB W/ 1.000 EA 23.00 USD
36GS1000SP GASKET-CONDUIT BOX, .06 THICK #SV-330 LE 1.000 EA 8.00 USD
HW5100A03SP WAVY WASHER (W1543-017) 1.000 EA 5.00 USD
HA1005A02SP SLINGER, OD 2.00, ID 1.14, 206 BRG, 1.000 EA 6.00 USD
HW2501D13SP KEY, 3/16 SQ X 1.375 1.000 EA 5.00 USD
MN416A01 TAG-INSTAL-MAINT no wire (1200/bx) 10/13 1.000 EA 0.04 USD