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Baldor-Dodge Quantis Build Center Delivers - Keeping Panels Turning at Oregon Mill

Baldor-Dodge Quantis Build Center Delivers – Keeping Panels Turning at Oregon Mill
When States Industries needed Baldor’s Dodge Quantis ILH reducers in a hurry, the Reno Quantis Build Center delivered. Seven units, including these two, were built to customer specifications and were delivered within 48 hours, keeping the company's machine build on track.
As a lead millwright for States Industries, a Western Oregon producer of premium hardwood panels, Chris Stevens is responsible for leading a maintenance shop team of mechanics and electricians that keeps the mill running. When the mill needs a new piece of equipment that can’t be purchased, it falls to this same team to design and build it.

The company wanted to replace the existing poly line, a process where blemishes in wood panels are filled, placed on a panel turner to dry, and then sanded. It was a time-consuming process because a forklift was required to move the panels from one step to the next. The maintenance shop team was asked to build a machine that tied the poly line, the panel turner and the sanding line into one continuous process.

The capital project was released in phases, and Stevens says the team was on target to meet the deadline when demand for the product increased, and the project was moved up. Based on years of experience with Baldor’s Dodge Quantis gearboxes used throughout the mill, Stevens knew he was going to install these gearboxes on the new machine, but he had been waiting on key information regarding the other equipment before placing the Quantis order.

“We couldn’t preorder the gearboxes because we had to wait until the sander was approved,” explained Stevens. “With that piece in place, we could then determine how many panels we could put through the machine and at what speed. As soon as all of this was figured out, I needed to get the project done. For me, it then became a mad rush to get all the Quantis units we needed.”

Stevens’ first call was to John Davisson, branch manager for Motion Industries in Eugene, Oregon. The two have a strong partnership and immediately got to work to determine the ratio, speed and design of the gearbox, configuring the right type and size unit to support the application.

“The first thing I did was get a hold of my local Dodge Field Sales Engineer Derrick Hoyle to find out what Baldor's Dodge Quantis Build Center could do for this customer,” says Davisson. “I was aware of some of their capabilities, but I needed to know just how quickly they could build and ship these units.”

Davisson needn’t have been worried because the Reno Quantis Build Center is prepared to deliver in situations just like this. With a large inventory of components, trained technicians can build gearboxes with a wide variety of power ratings, ratios and shaft configurations. These capabilities meant that seven Quantis units were built and shipped within 48 hours of the order being placed. A turn-around time that impressed Stevens.

“I really didn’t expect them to be delivered in this short time frame,” says Stevens. “So when the seven gearboxes showed up at my door within 48 hours, I was really surprised, and the first thing I did was call John to tell him the good news. We immediately began installing them, which was great because this meant we could keep our project moving forward.”

Baldor-Dodge Quantis Build Center Delivers – Keeping Panels Turning at Oregon Mill
Baldor’s Dodge Quantis reducers help power the newly built equipment that ties the poly line, the panel turner and the sanding line into one continuous process.
What was even more impressive, according to Stevens, is that the gearboxes he ordered were not standard, off-the-shelf products, each of them was built to his exact specifications.

“We actually thought it would take a lot longer to get exactly what we wanted,” says Stevens, “but it didn’t. We were able to design the gearboxes the way we wanted them and still received all of them so quickly – that’s what I find amazing.”

The new equipment is up and running, and the gearboxes are performing just as Stevens knew they would. Based on experience, he expects them to provide years of trouble-free performance. Not only is Quantis a reliable product, Stevens says they are also his top choice because of the flexibility of the product.