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MagnaGear XTR™ - An Extra-Tough Dodge® Reducer Built to Perform in Harsh Environments

Whether it’s below ground in a coal mine, an aggregate quarry, cement or grain mill, or in the wood products industry, the Dodge MagnaGear XTR is the ideal choice for bulk material handling in dirty, dusty, harsh environments.

Engineered with proven Dodge planetary and helical gear technology, the MagnaGear XTR is a heavy-duty, powerdense design that produces more torque in less space. This reducer is designed for maximum reliability, ease of maintenance and superior performance in tough, high torque applications.

With torque ratings from 100,000 to 920,000 in-lbs, this reducer will accommodate horsepowers of over 2,500 HP. Utilizing a modular design, MagnaGear XTR reducers are available in parallel shaft or right-angle configurations, and offer the option of right-hand or left-hand mounting for flexibility and minimizing spares.

The bearings in the reducer meet or exceed AGMA standards, resulting in projected L-10 life over twice that of many competitors. Plus, the premium HNBR tandem lip seals provide high temperature protection and twice the sealing power to contain lubricant and protect against contaminants. An oil sampling port, standard on the reducer, allows quick and easy oil sampling to reduce maintenance time.

This innovative product with its high-performance features is designed so the end user can always depend on low maintenance operation and maximum value for their investment.

In this underground application, mining officials chose to use the parallel shaft configuration for a tandem conveyor drive.

The reducer is available in a variety of horsepowers and sizes to fit most applications. Sizes 390k and below offer a solid or hollow shaft output. The hollow shaft option features a patented twin-tapered bushing system that provides easy-on/easy-off mounting and minimizes wobble for longer life.

Baldor's experience and ability to power match the reducer and motor combination assures the end user of optimum performance at a lower installed-cost.

A complete line of engineered accessories is offered for the MagnaGear, including internal lift-off-style backstops, shaft fans, base plates, swing-base mounts, tunnel drive configurations, and a variety of input and output couplings.