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MagnaGear XTR G600 : For the Grain Industry

Baldor announces a new addition to our MagnaGear XTR reducer product offering, the Baldor•Dodge MagnaGear XTR G600. The G600 significantly increases the power capabilities of the MagnaGear hollow shaft line. With a hollow shaft capability of 8 inches and mechanical ratings of 500Hp to 900Hp at typical conveying ratios, the G600 is ready for high powered, shaft mounted drive applications in the grain industry and other bulk material handling applications.

The G600 is available in right angle or a parallel shaft configuration. Solid shaft options are available, including hollow or solid output shafts. Mounting options include solid base, swing base or tunnel housing mounting system.

The MagnaGear XTR G600 brings the same great features you have come to expect from Baldor•Dodge gearing, including AGMA rated bearings, a harsh duty seal system, a superior backstop design and the Patented Baldor•Dodge twin tapered bushing hollow shaft system.

MagnaGear XTR G600