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Dodge School of Transmissioneering 70th Anniversary

What is a transmissioneer?

“He is a man with a mission. He specializes in putting power to work – all of it – with the right drive for every job. Through the application of “transmissioneering” principles and by using “transmissioned” power drive equipment, he is able to conserve power, reduce maintenance, increase production and cut costs. He is equipped with specialized knowledge acquired by factory training to assist industrial executives in keeping costs down and production up.” - 1944 DSOT Pamphlet

As World War II drew to an end, top economists thought that America would face a severe depression without war-induced activity. The Dodge organization decided to fight this anticipated depression by strengthening our distributor organization which accounted for half of the sales. To accomplish this goal, The Dodge School of Transmissioneering was established in order to create a nationwide organization of power transmission specialists. J.E. Otis Jr, then president of the Dodge Organization, said the school was the answer to the question “What are you doing to help the distributor or prepare for the post-war era?” Dodge not only wanted to build up the distributor network, but carry it a step further by training the distributor sales engineers in power transmission and Dodge products.

The school was first offered in 1944 in Mishawaka, Indiana. At first it was believed the school would have a short life. The Dodge distributor network was not that large, and it was thought that all of the distributor sales engineers would be training in two or three years. The post-war economic expansion changed all of that. The school proved extremely popular and many additional distributors were added to the network. Technology changed rapidly and the school adapted until it was recognized as the premier industrial training school in power transmission.

Although the school constantly changes to include new products, one thing never changes. Every Dodge product is a result of the engineering advancements and manufacturing expertise from over 100 years of experience. New product applications and new training techniques continue to make the school the front-runner in industrial power transmission training.

DSOT is open to authorized Baldor-Dodge distributors. If you are interested in attending, please sign up online for Customer Education - Dodge School of Transmissioneering.