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Dodge® Passport expanded to include belt conveyor design program

Passport, a web based tool that guides new and experienced users alike through an intuitive selection process for Dodge® products and accessories, now includes conveyor pulley assemblies and a belt conveyor design program for an application based approach to designing and selecting Dodge mechanical products.

For users and distributors in need of conveyor pulley assemblies for replacement purposes, Passport now offers a conveyor pulley assembly designer. Capable of quickly selecting, quoting, and ordering conveyor pulley assemblies complete with shafting and mounted bearings, Passport offers real-time pricing and availability, enabling customers to make cost effective selections of readily available components. After selections are complete, Passport offers add-to-order capability, allowing customers to seamlessly convert selections into orders via the PT Place E-commerce platform.

A feature-rich program leveraging over 135 years of bulk material handling expertise, Passport delivers reliable selections for peace of mind when designing conveyor pulley assemblies and belt conveying systems.

Visit the Dodge Passport selection tool and start your journey today.