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Baldor•Dodge Quantis Build Center in Dallas

Quantis Build Center in Dallas, TXBig things happen in Dallas… like the new Baldor•Dodge Quantis® Build Center.

Baldor•Dodge's Quantis Build Center in Dallas, TX can now assemble Quantis In-Line (ILH) gear reducers as well as Motorized Shaft Mount (MSM) gear reducers and screw conveyor drives. The Dallas Quantis Build Center features a large inventory of preselected components which are ready for quick assembly by factory trained and ISO certified technicians. With an extensive variety of power ratings, ratios and shaft configurations, the Quantis Build Center can provide quick delivery on thousands of combinations for ILH and MSM reducers!

  • The Quantis Build Center offers a large range of ILH and MSM modular designed gear drives with horse power capability from ¼ HP to 50 HP, and ratios from approximately 3.5:1 up to 350:1
  • All gears are case carburized to ensure high surface durability and resilient tooth core leading to longer service life. Gears meet DIN-7 standards – approximately equivalent to AGMA 10-11
  • Reducer gears and bearings are splash lubricated with ISO VG220 mineral oil and are filled prior to shipment. Nitrile rubber input and output lip seals produce less drag and heat, which promotes better sealing and longer life
  • Quick delivery in 3 days or less