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Dodge Hydraulic ISAF Bearings An Easier Safer Bearing to Install and Remove

The Dodge® Hydraulic ISAF (HISAF) mounted spherical roller bearing features a patented built-in hydraulic mounting system that makes this bearing simple to mount and dismount. Hydraulic pressure replaces physical labor, creating a safer and more accurate installation. The ease and precision of installation means less time is spent installing and removing the HISAF, reducing downtime on the equipment and labor costs associated with replacing bearings. Built to the same critical mounting dimensions as the industry standard SAF and SDAF, HISAF is a drop in interchange to existing equipment.

Not only is the HISAF easier and safer to install, it is designed to meet the challenges of harsh environments. The HISAF has a harsh duty sealing system that keeps contaminants out during operation, while a sealed inner unit keeps contamination out during installation. Standard SAF bearings are exposed to contamination during installation which can shorten the life of the bearing. A purging seal design allows the bearing to be lubricated without blowing out the seal. The HISAF comes lubricated from the factory, eliminating the need to hand pack grease so less grease is used, saving time and money.

Easy to install and highly reliable even in the harshest environments, the HISAF is ideally suited for bulk material conveyor applications found in the mining, aggregate and cement industries.

Jim Madsen
Product Manager – Spherical Roller Bearings
Baldor Electric Company
A Member of the ABB Group