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Quantis Ultra Kleen: The Newest Addition to Baldor's Family of Dodge Washdown Products

Baldor Electric Company is proud to introduce the new Dodge Quantis stainless steel right angle reducer. The Quantis Ultra Kleen is manufactured using 316 grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance and features a smooth, rounded housing to reduce potential entrapment areas. Dodge XT harsh duty two-piece output seals offer superior protection against particulates and washdown sprays.

Equally important is what the Quantis Ultra Kleen does not have – A nameplate or a breather. Nameplate information is laser etched directly on the reducer and the unit is designed for breather free, sealed operation.

Quantis Ultra Kleen RHB reducers are available in sizes 38 and 48. Both sizes feature an integrated adapter and C-face input which has reduced entry paths into the reducer. Output shaft options are all stainless, and include solid shaft, straight hollow, and the Dodge Q-Loc keyless bushing system. Other features include food grade lubrication, an etched nameplate, and a universal housing design allowing flange or foot mounting for increased flexibility.

Combined with Baldor’s wide range of stainless steel motors, the new Baldor-Dodge Quantis Ultra Kleen is ready to take on your next washdown challenge.

Chad Brown
Product Manager : Quantis and Tigear-2
Baldor Electric Company
A Member of the ABB Group
Phone: 864.281.2496