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Dodge Maxum XTR: Designed for Maximum Reliability

Dodge Maxum XTR: Designed for Maximum ReliabilityBaldor Electric Company, introduces the new Dodge MAXUM XTR concentric reducer, a compact, power dense design, packaged in a rugged ductile iron housing. The reducer features a superior sealing system, long-life bearings, and is interchangeable with industry preferred dimensions.

The MAXUM XTR offers more torque rating per case size versus any other concentric reducer on the market. The high precision carburized and ground gearing meets AGMA Q11 Quality standards, as well as the AGMA 2301 cleanliness specification.

The reducer features a standard premium tandem seal system with HNBR oil seals protected by an excluder lip auxiliary seal on all shafts. These seals provide high temperature protection, and minimize shaft wear, while providing twice the security to prevent ingress of contaminants.

Longer life tapered and/or spherical roller bearings, designed to meet or exceed AGMA standards, are used throughout the reducer. These bearings provide a minimum unadjusted L-10 life of over twice that of any other competitor.

MAXUM XTR concentric reducers are available in nine case sizes, with torque ratings from 29,500 in-lbs to 579,000 in-lbs torque. Reducer accessories include internal high capacity backstops, shaft driven fans, scoop motor bracket package, or top motor mounts.