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New Dodge Disc Coupling

New Dodge Disc CouplingThe oil & gas industry recognizes the importance of reliability and uptime by specifying products that extend life, increase productivity, lower costs and prevent unexpected downtime. As a result, oil & gas users specify disc-style couplings meeting API 610 specifications for use in pumping applications. The disc coupling design offers users the advantages of a metallic coupling, such as: large bore range, high speed capabilities, high torque ratings, and precision balancing; with no lubrication required.

Couplings in pumping operations experience equipment vibration, movement, and change out; all of which increase the chance for misalignment and decrease the life of the coupling. The Dodge Disc Coupling utilizes the newest generation of disc geometry, which minimizes end disc stress, and produces the highest misalignment and torque capability of any disc coupling on the market. The Dodge Disc Coupling’s industry leading misalignment capability and torque ratings improve reliability and extend the overall life of the coupling.

Proper maintenance is imperative to maximizing the life of any coupling. Fortunately, the Dodge Disc Coupling does not have relative movement between mating surfaces, and therefore, does not require lubrication. Pumping applications still requiring coupling lubrication are perfect opportunities to increase productivity by replacing with a Dodge Disc Coupling. Additionally, customers performing predictive maintenance on equipment can reduce unexpected downtime by performing a visual inspection of the disc pack with a strobe light during operation to view any bending or cracking of discs that can indicate excessive misalignment, torque overload, or time for a planned replacement of the spacer center assembly. Finally, with the Dodge Disc coupling large hub option, users can reduce costs by using a smaller coupling size in applications where shaft size, rather than torque, dictates the coupling size.

ABB and Baldor-Reliance are recognized as the highest standard of electric motor quality in the oil & gas industry by manufacturing products that improve uptime and reliability. Now users can get that same level of quality from an entire pump driver package by specifying a Dodge Disc coupling into all pumping applications.

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Matt Wolford
Product Manager – Couplings, Clutches/Brakes