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On-Demand Webinar: Dodge Quantis Configurator

An exciting new tool is now available within the DODGE® Quantis® configurator – we call it the Interchangurator™.  This new tool is ideal for authorized DODGE distributors who:

  • Sell Dodge Quantis but do not have direct access to SEW
  • Utilize DODGE’s stock Quantis program for quick shipments
  • Own a DODGE Quantis build center and can quickly interchange and build a Quantis gear unit to service a customer.

To learn more about the Interchangurator and the many recent updates to the Quantis configurator, Ben Hinds, Product Manager of Quantis and Tigear-2 will demonstrate the configurator and highlight how to use the Interchangurator feature. On-Demand Webinar here.

Or, click the button below to access the new Interchangurator feature of the Quantis product Configurator.