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Hydraulic ISAF Bearing Installation Module

The Baldor-Dodge Hydraulic ISAF mounted spherical roller bearing is a heavy-duty, large-bore bearing with a patented integral hydraulic adapter-mounted installation and removal system that makes this bearing easy to mount and dismount.

Standard SAF style bearings, with all of their pieces and parts, are cumbersome and time consuming to install - often resulting in improper bearing clearance which leads to reduced bearing life. In comparison, the Baldor-Dodge Hydraulic ISAF bearing is factory assembled, sealed and lubricated, and is shaft ready out of the box - and only takes a fraction of the time to install. More importantly, issues of installation contamination and bearing clearance are eliminated, ensuring longer bearing life and more efficient operations.

Baldor is pleased to provide the following installation video to demonstrate the installation of a Hydraulic ISAF bearing. The video covers the safety considerations and appropriate techniques for both installing and dismounting the bearing.