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Baldor's Dodge HT500 A New High Torque Synchronous Solution

Baldor Electric Company ‘s Dodge® HT500 synchronous drive system delivers high torque, low maintenance and potential energy savings with less overhung load than V-belts. HT500 belts also offer longer life in wet/oily environments than V-belts in similar conditions.

The companion to HT500 sprockets is the Baldor-Dodge HT500 high torque synchronous belt (8MM and 14MM metric pitch). The HT500 belt is made with polyurethane for harsh environment resistance and carbon fiber cords providing higher torque carrying capacity than commonly known aramid fiber tensile cords made belts.

A full line of stock compact power dense TAPER-LOCK® sprockets, fin fan QD sprockets, and MPB (Minimum Plain Bore) sprockets will also be available from stock. Our made-to-order capability includes split-tapered options as well as a variety of tooth count, materials, and plating to satisfy the requirements of any application. Our sprockets are made with the modified curvilinear tooth profile for 8mm and 14mm pitches.

With our HT500 Synchronous Drive products, Baldor is committed to your success by providing a true total cost of ownership solution to target energy savings and overall cost reductions.

Julio Valdes
Product Manager – Drive Components
Baldor Electric Company
A Member of the ABB Group
Phone: 864.281.2214