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New Baldor•Dodge Type EXL Four-Bolt Flange Tapered Roller Bearing

New Baldor•Dodge Type EXL Four-Bolt Flange Tapered Roller BearingBaldor Electric is proud to announce a new addition to our tapered roller bearing family, the Baldor•Dodge Type EXL four-bolt flange bearing. Type EXL flange bearings provide superior sealing, misalignment and expansion capability as well as the highest load ratings in the industry. Additionally, the split ductile iron housings are interchangeable with any Type E dimensioned, four-bolt flange product on the market, making it easy to upgrade existing applications. All of these features translate to a higher quality, more reliable mounted bearing that will provide increased life and reliability.

Product Features:

  • Harsh duty XTS-triple lip seal provides extended life in harsh environments
  • ±3 degrees misalignment capability simplifies the alignment process
  • Replaceable inner bearing unit for ease of maintenance
  • Split housing made from high-strength ductile iron
  • Dual locking collars with 65° set screw angle

Product Availability:

  • Available in bore sizes from 1-3/16” to 4”
  • Offered in both expansion and non-expansion designs
  • Select sizes in stock and ready to ship